From Happiness to Wellbeing: Individual Paths towards Collective Destinies

 An Experiential Workshop at Dubai Future Academy, Feb 2020.

Everyone wants to be happy and pursues happiness in a myriad of ways–from tickling the senses to numbing the misery with tranquillizers; from sprinkling smiley faces on a social media playground to chasing armchair happiness gurus, from seeking thrills to following the latest fads. Yet, the ever-escalating rates of mental illness suggest that the pursuit of happiness remains elusive, for many, if not most of us.

Sorting through the wisdom of sages, the insights of scientists and the research on positive psychology, this workshop focused on evidence-based ways of carving individual paths towards wellbeing and resilience and forging collective destinies. Through experiential exercises, participants practiced skills and strategies which could potentially make their lives more focused, fulfilling, meaningful and connected.

Poster about Dr. Tayyab Rashid's talk in UAE.