Dr. Tayyab Rashid's Workshops

Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D. C. Psych. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Recent Workshops


  • Workshop: Understanding Self-harm in Youth, 2nd annual Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference (CMMHC), Toronto, October, 2017
  • Health
  • Invited Talk: Mental Health, Resilience & Student Success, Professional Development Session for High School Teacher, UTSC, October, 2017
  • Closing Panelist: Our Past, Our Future, Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS), annual conference, Ottawa, June, 2017
  • Invited Talk: Fostering Resilience & Meaning, National Campus Mental Health Conference, Toronto, May, 2017 
  • Workshop: Strengths-Based Resilience: Building Community Resources, 1st Middle Eastern Psychological Conference, April, Dubai, UAE, April, 2017
  • Workshop: Moving from Darkness to Light through Faith-based strategies for survivors & perpetrators, Renison Institute of Ministry, Renison University College, ON, December 11, 2016
  • Workshop: Strengths-Based Resilience in the Context of Islamic Thought & Practice, 1st Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference (CMMHC), Toronto, November, 2017
  • Health
  • Training: Strengths-Based Resilience (3-day), compressive positive psychology based training, lead trainer, two cycles of three-day training, with 65+ educators, mental health professionals and student services professionals, Fall, 2016-Winter, 2017.

Invited Keynotes

  • Survive to Thrive Conference, at Mount Allison University, in collaboration with Association of Atlantic Universities, Sacksville, New Brunswick, October, 2017
  • Centennial College, School of Community & Health Studies, Staff Orientation, Strengths-Based Resilience, August, 2017
  • Leadership Mentorship Program, University of Toronto Scarborough, May, 2017
  • Trailblazers Conference: Explore: Your Purpose, from Your Passion, Trailblazers Conference, Jan, 2017
  • Character Day, Featured Interview, September, 2016
  • Leadership Conference, University of Toronto Scarborough, September 2015
  • Healthy Minds Canada, Taking Charge, Conference, June, 2015
  • Resilient Parenting, Toronto District School Board, May, 2015
  • World Congress of Positive Psychotherapy, Antalya, Turkey, November 2014
  • Strength-based Banking Summit, Kiev, Ukraine, October 2014
  • Third International Conference on Psychology and Allied Sciences (ICPAS), Amity University, Noida, India (via web), September, 2014
  • Guidance Counsellors Day, UTSC, April 2015
  • Toronto Association for Health Promotion in Higher Education (TAHPHE), July 2014
  • PACE: Strengths-Based Approach with Cognitively Bright Students, Toronto, November 2013
  • Distinguished Lecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, October 2013
  • Youthlink, Toronto, May, 2013
  • Strength-based Leadership, Equitable Leader Assessment (ELA) Training, Toronto, April, 2013
  • Distinguished Lecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, October 2013
  • Human Rights Commission Committee of Toronto, January, 2012.

Past Workshops


  • Discussant: Character Day, Global Q&A, Featured Interview, September, 2016
  • Lecture: Positive Psychotherapy: Healing from the Future: Featured presentation at Prospection Conference, Vienna, Austria, July 2016
  • Workshop: Strengths-Based Resilience: A Positive Psychology Approach to Mental Health, Open Minds Conference, Hart House, University of Toronto, March, 2016
  • Workshop: Flourish: Trailblazers: First Year Experience Conference, January, 2016
  • Workshop: Positive Psychology, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab, Pakistan, January 2016.


  • Webinar: Campus Mental Health, Systematic Approach to Mental Health: Insights from A study of post-secondary institute, a Webinar, December, 2015
  • • Invited Delegate, Consensus Conference on the Mental Health of Emerging Adults: Making Transitions a Priority in Canada, Mental Commission of Canada, November, 2015
  • Two-day Training: Strengths-Based Resilience (SBR), Shoniker Clinic, Centenary Hospital, September & November, 2015
  • Keynote: Finding Your School-Work-Life Balance, in Navigating the World of Work Conference, October, 2015
  • Workshop: Know Thy Self, in Footprints, the Residence Leadership Training, University of Toronto, June
  • Positive Psychotherapy: Nuances of Clinical Application: Pre-Conference Workshop, Fourth Congress of International Positive Psychology Association, Lake Buana Vista, California, USA, June 2015
  • Key note, Taking the Charge Conference by Healthy Minds, June 2015
  • Workshop: Flourish, an Experiential Workshop presented at CACUSS, May, 2015
  • Habits of Resilience, 9 Stories in 9 minutes, CACUSS, May 2015, Vancouver, BC
  • How Much Therapy is Enough? Presentation at Canadian Association of Colleges & University Student Services (CACUSS), Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, May, 2015
  • Invited Speaker: Resilient Parenting, Blantyre Public School, May 2015
  • Workshop: Strengths-based Resilience: Ontario Psychological Association Annual Conference, February, 2015


  • Two-day Self-Development Module in Executive Masters Program in the Positive Leadership & Strategy IE University, Spain, Madrid, April 2014 & 2015
  • Grand Rounds: UConn Medical Centre, Connecticut, USA, October, 2014
  • Workshop: Positive Psychotherapy, McGill University, December 2014
  • Workshop (2-day): Strengths-based Leadership: Kiev, Ukraine, October, 2014
  • Workshop: Strengths-based Resilience, for teachers working in slums of Karachi, Citizens Archivesof Pakistan, October, 2014
  • Workshop: Flourishing at University: Step Up Program, Hart House, University of Toronto, • August, 2014
  • Workshop: European Positive Psychology Conference, Amsterdam, July, 2014
  • Workshop: Positive Psychotherapy: A Strengths-Based Approach for Emotional Dysregulation, University Student Services (CACUSS), Annual Conference, Halifax, June, 2014
  • CACUSS, 2014
  • Workshop: Strengths-based Resilience, Institute & the Academy for Children, Adolescents & • Families, Graz, Austria, July 2014
  • Webinar: Positive Psychotherapy: Using Strengths to Promote Balance: www.goodtherapy.org
  • Workshop: Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH), • August 2014
  • Grand Rounds: Strengths-Based Resilience, Sick Kids Hospital, April 2014
  • Grand Rounds: Positive Interventions, University of Alabama at Birmingham, April, 2014
  • Grand Rounds: Strengths-Based Resilience, Centenary Hospital, Rouge Valley Health, January 2014


  • Keynote, PACE Conference for Gifted Students, York Catholic District School Board Key note
  • Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg at the Teacher's society SAGE (Special Area Groups of Educators) Conference, Winnipeg, MB.
  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop, Wyoming Psychological Association, Fall Conference, Laramie, WY
  • Visiting Scholar, Geelong Grammar School, Corio, Victoria, Australia, August
  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Positive Residence, Panel Discussion, University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, August
  • Keynote address at the Toronto Association for Health Promotion in Higher Education (TAHPHE), July
  • Workshop on Wellness, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, July
  • Workshops & Presentations at the Third International Positive Psychology Association's World Congress, June, 2013, Los Angeles, CA
  • Positive Psychotherapy (PPT): Applications of Positive Resources of Clients - without dismissing negatives
  • Words and Well-being: Health and Growing through Stories, workshop with Daniel Tomasulo
  • Comparative Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Flourish: A Strength-based Approach to Student Success and Retention
  • Positive Education, Fostering Well-being, York Catholic District School Board, May, 2013
  • Cultural Competence in Working with Clients from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds, Ryerson University, Toronto, May, 2013
  • Well-being at Work, Keynote address at Youthlink, Toronto, May, 2013
  • Happiness & Good Life, Organizational Developmental & Learning Centre, University of Toronto, St. George Campus, April, 2013
  • Strength-based Leadership, Equitable Leader Assessment (ELA) Training, Toronto, April, 2013
  • Good Life Model in Correctional Settings, Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, March, 2013
  • Strength-based Resilience for pupils and educators, Hwa Chong Institute, Singapore, March, 2013
  • Positive Psychotherapy, Psychological Medicine, Alexandra Hospital, Singapore, March 2013
  • What are You Good at? TEDxUTSC, Toronto, February, 2013
  • Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis, King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry, U.K, January, 2013
  • Positive Psychotherapy, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, January, 2013
  • Engagement and Flow for optimal performance, Energy Strategy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, January, 2013
  • Positive Psychotherapy at University Counseling Centre, University of Ottawa, January, 2013
  • What is Happiness, and How we can boost it? Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto, January, 2013


  • Strength-based Training, Princeton University, NJ, October, 2012
  • Positive Interventions, Deeper, Nuanced Clinical Applications within the Canadian Context, Canadian Positive Psychology Association, Toronto, July, 2012
  • Well-being at Work: Diversity Roundtable, Toronto, May, 2012
  • Strengths-based Resilience: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, April, 2012 Positive Psychology Interventions: Deeper & Nuanced Clinical Applications, Canadian Positive Psychology Association, July 2012
  • Psychotherapy Intake & Outcome Intake System: Canadian Association of Collage and University Student Services (CACUSS) Conference, June, 2012
  • The Role of Positive Psychology in Maximizing Human Potential: Diversity Roundtable, June, 2012 Developing Cultural Competence in Psychotherapy: American College Health Association's Conference, May 2012
  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop, Psychotherapy Network Symposium, March 2012, Washington, DC. Strength Based Resilience Training for Human Rights Commission Committee of Toronto, January, 2012
  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop, Hong Kong, January, 2012
  • Positive Interventions: Cultural Context: Keynote Address, Applied Asian Positive Psychology Conference, Hong Kong, January, 2012


  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop: Clinical Psychology Department, Western Ontario University, Psychology Department, London, Ontario, December, 2011
  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop: Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, North Shore University Hospital, Psychiatry Division - November, 2011
  • Royal St. George's College, Toronto, Ontario, Fall 2011
  • Strength-based Resilience: Toronto District School Board - Three monthly training sessions, September-November, 2011.
  • Positive Psychotherapy, Continuing Education Workshop: American Psychological Association Convention, 2011, Washington
  • Positive Interventions in Schools: International Positive Psychology Association World Congress, Philadelphia, July, 2011
  • Positive Education: Hwa Chong Institute, Singapore (in Philadelphia, USA), May, 2011
  • Positive Psychotherapy Workshop: University of Paris, France in association with Association francaise et francophone de psychologie positive, January, 2011


2010 and previous

  • MentorCoach, Bethsade, MD, December, 2010 McMaster University, Ontario, November, 2010
  • Values in Action, 2-day Intensive Training, San Francisco, August, 2010 & Toronto, November, 2010
  • Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY, USA, May & October, 2010
  • Wellington College, London, UK, July 2010
  • Geelong Grammar School, Victoria, Australia, 2008 & 2009
  • Bureau of Study, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, May, 2008
  • Bloorview Rehabilitation, Toronto, March, 2008 Ontario Institute Studies in Education (OISE), November, 2008
  • OntarioCorrectional Institute, Brampton, Ontario, November, 2008
  • OntarioWilliam Osler Health Centre, Brampton, Ontario, May, 2008